Part of the Kinoshita Group's social contribution
comes from supporting various sports, arts, and cultural activities.

Overseas Art / Cultural Activities

In addition to various forms of support to the Louvre Museum, such as renovating the gardens of the Musée national Eugène Delacroix, the Antoinette Room, and the pyramid, we have also been supporting the renovation of the garden of the Guimet Museum.

Domestic Art / Cultural Activities

We support domestic cultural and artistic activities as the Supporting Circle Partner of MOMAT, the Special Supporting Member of MoMAK and Special Corporate Sponsors Group of New National Theatre Tokyo. We also support the outside programs which are hosted by the National Film Archive of Japan outside.

Art / Culture Support Activities

We are continually working on sponsoring exhibitions, stages and events held both in and outside of Japan.

Education Support Program

In 2017, we established the scholarship "Kinoshita Royal Ballet Partnership" to support excellent Japanese students who attend the Royal Ballet School in the UK. In addition, the popularization of figure skating that continues to support for a long time and the business class "Kinoshita Skate Academy", which conveys the importance of skaters playing an active role on children and having dreams, was held at elementary schools throughout the country It is.

Environmental Protection

We see the Earth as "a big house" and are working on various activities to protect the environment. In addition, as a company dealing with "wood", we would like the Earth to reclaim as much forest as possible for the next generation.