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The Kinoshita group has over 3,000 employees, and contributes to realization of a rich society through various business activities by making the most of its know-how.

<Main business of the Kinoshita group>

Custom-built houses

Custom-built houses are provided to suit customers' life styles and tastes. We help customers with consultation, proposal and construction to realize ideal homes.

Houses built for sale

We plan and provide houses built for sale in consideration of a beautiful look of houses on street and comfort in daily life. We make comfortable flow planning at the design stage by considering the size and orientation of each room.

Planning and sale of apartment houses for investment

We own designer's apartment houses in the Tokyo area, and propose building up personal assets. We have a total support system to assure asset management in cooperation with the Kinoshita group's rental housing and building management business.

Rental housing business

We will help create a good relation between owners of commercial apartment houses and tenants, and support owners' benefit and tenants' comfort, by our rich experience as professionals for rental housing management.

Installation and maintenance of housing equipment

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We will speedily meet various needs, such as installation and maintenance of housing equipment, delivery and installation of air conditioners, water purifiers or other electrical appliances, and on-site repair and periodic inspection of kitchens, bathrooms, etc. by using our national-wide network in Japan. If you need a network in Japan to sell your products, please make a visit to our home page.

Contract of land utilization and apartment house construction

We propose land owners the apartment management in order to utilize land. We provide a source of stable income for a long time, in cooperation with the Kinoshita group's rental housing and building management business.

Corporate order-receiving business

We carry out a large-scale development of residential area, in cooperation with major developers and government and other public offices. We propose total land development based on our abundant knowledge.

House renovation business

Remodeling planners with a capability of proposition and technical skills propose house renovation and apartment improvement, according to changes in life cycles. Renovation of kitchen to an original kitchen designed by Harumi Kurihara receives a good reputation.

Building management business

We provide cleaning, repair, maintenance and management of buildings, mainly in apartment houses sold by the Kinoshita group. We are aiming at improving safety of buildings and asset value with our professional skills and services.

Handling of imported furniture

The Kinoshita group also sells imported high-quality furniture. We propose fashion-conscious and comfortable living space to our customers with a rich lineup.

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